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APPI PPG Assistant Instructor

The APPI PPG Assistant Instructor rating is the first step to becoming an APPI PPG Professional Instructor. APPI PPG Assistant Instructors provide PPG students with quality knowledge and skill development during APPI programs and courses, while under the supervision of a Certified APPI PPG Instructor.

An APPI PPG Assistant Instructor can become an APPI PPG Tandem Pilot.

Prerequisites/ Course contents/ Obligation

To enroll in an APPI PPG Assistant Instructor course, an individual must:

  1. Be an APPI PPG pilot, hold a similar qualification from another organization or be an experienced PPG pilot.
  2. Be at least 20 years old and in a good medical condition.
  3. Respect the APPI PPG Safety Rules and Quality Standards.
  4. Agree to complete the APPI PPG Assistant Instructor Theoretical course and exam.
  5. Agree to sit a course with a certified APPI PPG Master Instructor.

Training and Certification

APPI PPG Assistant Instructor candidates must satisfactorily complete all course requirements to be certified as APPI PPG Assistant Instructors. To apply for certification, the certifying APPI PPG Master Instructor must submit online a completed, validated APPI PPG Assistant Instructor Application, along with the required photo, application fee, and other qualifying certification documentation (if applicable). Upon approval of the application, APPI will issue an APPI PPG Assistant Instructor card.


APPI PPG Assistant Instructors are authorized to:

  1. Assist students during their training while under the direct supervision of an APPI PPG Instructor.
  2. Conduct the ground handling skills segment of the APPI PPG Open Sky Taster Courses, APPI PPG Adventure Courses and APPI PPG Pilot courses.
  3. Assist students during the introduction to the engine on the ground segment of the APPI PPG Open Sky Taster Courses, APPI PPG Adventure Courses and APPI PPG Pilot courses.

Note: APPI PPG Assistant Instructors are not authorized to instruct the students over the radio when they are flying.


To renew annually, an APPI PPG Assistant Instructor must log at least 4 weeks a year of instruction and 40 hours of solo flying. They must then submit a Membership Agreement online and complete the payment of their membership fees. APPI PPG Assistant Instructors who let their membership lapse will need to be reassessed by an APPI PPG Master Instructor.

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