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Equivalence by Country

APPI PPG allows certain pilots to join through Equivalence:

In order to apply for an APPI PPG Pilot license you need to send copies of all documents relative to your experience, plus a CV and First Aid Certification to: secretary-ppg@appifly.org

If your license is not listed below you will need to be assessed by a certified APPI PPG Instructor. It is important to us that both the APPI PPG Pilots and Instructors follow the high standards of quality in order to help improve safety, whilst developing the sport. Thus allowing us to promote the sport in the best way.

First Aid Rescue Certification:

APPI PPG recognised any first aid rescue certification following the standard of the Red Cross Society.

APPI Instructor:

APPI PPG is a pioneering, ground breaking association which has set new, higher and different standards of training. Under these conditions, the APPI PPG Instructors must be validated by an APPI PPG Master instructor by sitting an APPI PPG Instructor course. This applies to all instructors, no matter what their level of experience and type of qualifications they hold.

APPI PPG Assistant Instructor:

Same as the above.


- French PPG Pilot
- UK PPG Pilot (PPG Pilot Licenses issued by the BHPA or BMAA)

APPI PPG Adventure Pilot:

- No equivalence

Open Sky PPG Taster

- No equivalence

Other federations:

- Please contact us for further information: secretary-ppg@appifly.org