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APPI PPG Instructor

An APPI PPG Instructor is a role model who has a high level of experience and knowledge of PPG skills, theory and instruction. APPI PPG Instructors may set up their own APPI PPG school and conduct APPI PPG Open Sky courses, APPI PPG Adventure courses and APPI PPG Pilot Courses. APPI PPG Instructors may also become specialty instructors.

An APPI PPG Instructor can become an APPI PPG Tandem Instructor, an APPI PPG Performance Instructor, an APPI PPG Advanced Instructor, an APPI PPG Fly Guide and an APPI PPG Sky Guide.

Prerequisites/ Course contents/ Obligation

  1. Be certified as an APPI PPG Assistant Instructor for at least one year or with another PPG training organization.
  2. Be at least 20 years old and in a good medical condition.
  3. Present a logbook with at least 300 flights and 150 hours of solo PPG flight.
  4. Agree to sit an APPI PPG Instructor course run by an APPI PPG Master Instructor.
  5. Submit evidence of a valid first aid certificate.
  6. Respect the APPI Safety Rules and Quality Standards.

Requirements for APPI PG Instructors converting to become APPI PPG Instructors

  1. Must be a current and experienced Paragliding Instructor.
  2. Must have logged 100 flights and 50 hours on a PPG.
  3. Must have held an APPI PPG License or similar for 6 months.
  4. Must have held PG Instructor rating for 24 months.
  5. Must have licensed at least 10 PG students since becoming a PG Instructor.
  6. Must agree to sit an APPI PPG Instructor course run by an APPI PPG Master Instructor.
  7. Must hold a valid First Aid Certificate.

Training and Certification

To apply for certification, the certifying APPI PPG Master Instructor must submit online a validated Instructor Application to the APPI website, along with the required photo and application fee. Upon approval of the application, APPI will issue an APPI PPG Instructor Card.


APPI PPG Instructors who are in Active status are authorized to:

  1. Plan, organise and supervise all flying and training activities in an APPI PPG school.
  2. Run APPI PPG Open Sky Taster Courses, APPI PPG Adventure Pilots course and APPI PPG Pilot courses. Set up there own APPI PPG school.
  3. Assist APPI PPG Master Instructors during instructor courses and evaluations for any APPI PPG certification.
  4. Become an APPI PPG Specialty instructor having sat and passed the necessary course.


To renew annually, an APPI PPG Instructor submits online a Membership Agreement with payment of membership dues. Instructors who have let their memberships lapse will need to fulfill additional requirements designated by the APPI Training and Quality Management Department before regaining Teaching status.


APPI PPG Instructors can become an APPI PPG Tandem Instructor, APPI PPG Performance Instructor, APPI PPG Advanced Instructor, APPI PPG Fly Guide and an APPI PPG Sky Guide.

For further information or to organise an APPI PPG Instructor Course email: secretary-ppg@appifly.org

For regular updates follow APPI PPG on Facebook

Pro Tandem Pilots/Instructors having the certification APPI PPG Instructor
Firstname Lastname Country Certification Website School
11974 Ale Spitznagel AR-Argentina www.parapente.com.ar
12143 Ricardo Caminos AR-Argentina www.airlider.com
12144 Marcos Caminos AR-Argentina www.airlider.com
17104 Leandro Ramos AR-Argentina Www.queresvolar.com Queres Volar (251)
10778 Brooke Whatnall AU-Australia www.highadventure.com.au
11113 Mauricio Braga BR-Brazil www.aprendavoar.com.br Aprenda voar (243)
11441 Mohammed Yaseen Fathi BR-Brazil www.skysport-iq.com skysport-ıq (144)
12999 Ricardo Maciel BR-Brazil www.cajubr.com CAJU BRASIL (173)
13594 Anderson Bech BR-Brazil www.allfly.com.br Allfly Escola de Paramotor e Paratrike (180)
13596 Tercio Rodrigues Oliveira BR-Brazil www.terctel.com.br
13597 Sergio Kawakami BR-Brazil http://airboysteam.com
13598 Luiz Carlos Laghi Filho BR-Brazil www.prodelta.com.br
13599 Rafael Aires de Queiroz BR-Brazil
13600 Tamy Suhett BR-Brazil www.tr4alpinismo.com.br TR4 sports & adventures Tamy Suhett (187)
13601 Washington Jorge Neto BR-Brazil Acre Fly (193)
13602 Marcelo Rodrigues BR-Brazil
13603 Sayuri Ahagon Baez BR-Brazil www.goldcv.com.br
13606 Rogean Albuquerque de Sá BR-Brazil
14093 Milton Vilela Goncalves BR-Brazil www.boaaventura.com Boa Aventura Escola de Voo (184)
14094 Thiago Ozanan da Silva BR-Brazil Summit Sports Brazil (190)
14095 Junio Cesar da Silva Rodrigues BR-Brazil www.ciadovento.com.br Cia do Vento Parapente Paramotor e Paratrike (183)
14098 Adeilson Ferreira de Souza BR-Brazil parapentefloripa.com.br
14099 Daniel Rodrigues de Carvalho e Vasconcelos BR-Brazil www.ciadovento.com.br Cia do Vento Parapente Paramotor e Paratrike (183)
14100 Sidinei Ghizzo BR-Brazil
14101 Edgard Antonio de Souza BR-Brazil Escola de Paramotor Valadares Flying (189)
14102 Adriano Goncalves de Moraes BR-Brazil
14103 Maciel Ferreira BR-Brazil www.voarparamotor.com Voar Paramotor (197)
14104 Raphael Nuno Rodrigues Laghi BR-Brazil
14577 Carlos Gomes BR-Brazil www.goodenergy.com.br Base Da Nuvem-escola de voo (216)
14578 Alexandro Alves Cabral BR-Brazil ASAS DO CERRADO (254)
14584 Valdeir Bezerra Santos Junior BR-Brazil
14586 nery felippe BR-Brazil Boa Aventura Escola de Voo (184)
14587 Osnir Antonio Golfeto Júnior BR-Brazil Acre Fly (193)
14588 Angelo Carvalho BR-Brazil www.escolaaltofly.com.br
14589 Ronaldo Da Silva Soares BR-Brazil Acre Fly (193)
14590 Rodolfo Hammerschmidt Junior BR-Brazil
14592 Marcio Aita Junior BR-Brazil
14620 Fernandes Martins de Vasconcelos BR-Brazil www.facebook.com/fernandesfalcon
14673 Mauricio G. Braga BR-Brazil
14994 Daniel Alexandre Rodrigues BR-Brazil Parajet Brasil (246)
15373 Robson Roberto BR-Brazil Superfly Paramotor (248)
15374 Pedro Da Silva Junior BR-Brazil www.paramotorsaquarema.com.br
15375 Mauricio Braga BR-Brazil www.aprendavoar.com.br
15394 Dhiego Rendeiro BR-Brazil facebook.com/dhiegorendeiro
16025 Paulo Canterle BR-Brazil www.asasaovento.com
16030 Wendell Campos BR-Brazil
16156 Roni Puper BR-Brazil www.ubafly.com.br
16261 Carlos Alberto Dal Molina Silva BR-Brazil
16277 Alexandre Lourenço Amaral Barbosa BR-Brazil Escola Rio Paramotor (242)
16278 Samuel Rocha BR-Brazil Paramotor Curitiba (252)
16279 Roberson Fernandes Loriato BR-Brazil www.loriato.com Escola Rio Paramotor (242)
16532 Francisco das chagas Cordeiro Mota BR-Brazil
11556 Patrick Baderkhani CA-Canada Cirrusfly (87)
16407 Adnan Shukur CA-Canada
10174 APPI Equivalence CH-Switzerland www.appifly.org APPI International (1)
11828 Sofoklis Sofokleous CY-Cyprus Cyprus Paramotor School (137)
12256 MINAS MINA CY-Cyprus
13190 Manuel Viola CY-Cyprus www.cyprusflyadventures.com Cyprus Fly Adventures (162)
13402 Charalampos Charalampous CY-Cyprus Cyprus Powered Paragliding School (185)
13403 Costantinos Antoniou CY-Cyprus www.cyprusppgschool.com Cyprus Powered Paragliding School (185)
13404 Panayiotis Constantinou CY-Cyprus
13405 Kostantinos Andreou CY-Cyprus www.cyprusparamotoracademy.com Cyprus Paramotor Academy (186)
15673 Kiriakos Avraam CY-Cyprus cysky (253)
12020 Antonio Castro ES-Spain www.parapentetropical.com Parapente Tropical Flight Centre (131)
12165 Sean O'Neil ES-Spain SkySchool Oman (230)
12262 Steve Marriott ES-Spain
12387 Morgan David Parkinson ES-Spain Parapente Tropical Flight Centre (131)
16041 pascal Vallée FR-France www.pilotageparamoteur.fr PILOTAGE-PARAMOTEUR.FR (238)
10133 Alex Ledger GB-United Kingdom PPG Master Instructor 2016 www.skyschooluk.com SkySchool Flight Centre (7)
10176 Kester Haynes GB-United Kingdom www.skyschooluk.com SkySchool Flight Centre (7)
10640 Rob Furnival GB-United Kingdom SkySchool Flight Centre (7)
11701 Harry Amos GB-United Kingdom
11717 Mark Elliston GB-United Kingdom
11723 Alex Anderson GB-United Kingdom www.footflight-paramotors.com Foot flight Paramotors (125)
11725 Paul Kilburn GB-United Kingdom www.ManchesterParagliders.com Manchester Paragiders (115)
11727 Andy Walkden GB-United Kingdom www.flyschool.co.uk
11795 Nigel Davies GB-United Kingdom www.ukppgwebstore.com UKPPG Training School (March Aerodrome) (116)
11947 Alan Hunter GB-United Kingdom
12118 Andrew Morant GB-United Kingdom www.aeroaviation.co.uk
12432 Danny Moon GB-United Kingdom www.lincolnshireparamotors.co.uk Lincolnshire Paramotors (152)
15717 James Cole GB-United Kingdom
10724 Asterios Makrovasilis GR-Greece www.paragliding.olympicwings.com Olympic Wings (36)
12560 Harris Christopoulos GR-Greece
14322 giorgios amaxas GR-Greece freesky.org FREE FLIGHT (217)
15227 Savvas Kakoulidis GR-Greece Cumulus paragliding (218)
15229 Georgios Tsousis GR-Greece FREE FLIGHT (217)
15230 Joachim Skondras GR-Greece www.noborders.gr No Borders Paragliding (241)
15231 Stergios Karapoulios GR-Greece No Borders Paragliding (241)
15570 George Kissanakis GR-Greece www.paragliding-crete.gr PPG SCOOL Power Fly CRETE (249)
16538 Thanasis Smiris GR-Greece www.flyparapente.gr
11729 Isdarmawan Ganemoeljo ID-Indonesia www.paramotorschoolindonesia.com Paramotor school Indonesia (118)
11730 Anwar Soerjomataram ID-Indonesia paramotor-indonesia.com
11731 Ferry Maskun ID-Indonesia
11732 Puja Laksana. M.Hum ID-Indonesia Paramotor school Indonesia (118)
11735 Andika Mountnear ID-Indonesia www.mountnear.com
11818 Cathal Fowler IE-Ireland paramotoringireland.ie Paramotoring Ireland (120)
10135 Avi Malik IN-India www.templepilots.com Temple Pilots Paragliding School (9)
12105 Mangesh Dighe IN-India www.paraglidingindia.com WINGS AND FLIGHTS (227)
10607 Mohammad Razeghi IR-Iran www.parsskyclub.com ParsSky (31)
11068 Vahid Nazari Nasab IR-Iran www.cirrusfly.com Cirrusfly (87)
11350 Reza Abazari IR-Iran
11354 Hamid Sarajan IR-Iran www.hamidsarajan.ir ParsSky (31)
11383 Siamak Pourkalantar IR-Iran www.spflyacademy.com
11394 Masoud Rahimi IR-Iran www.paramotor.ir Rokh Air Sports Club (105)
11494 Hesam Bayrami IR-Iran www.hbairsports.com
11541 Mohammad Khorsand IR-Iran
11737 Mehdi Shamlo IR-Iran airian.ir
11739 Mohammad Hossein Panahi Nejad IR-Iran www.shirazflying.com ParsSky (31)
11917 Babak Hosseini IR-Iran Cirrusfly (87)
11919 Abdolreza Boshtavaei IR-Iran ParsSky (31)
11920 Akbar Tonekaboni IR-Iran
11922 Sayyed Morteza Alavi IR-Iran
11926 Seyed Majid Amidi Namin IR-Iran www.simorghaviation.com
11927 Mohammad Ghiasitari IR-Iran
11928 Siamak Mokari IR-Iran www.paraglideriran.com ParsSky (31)
11942 Rahman Mansouri IR-Iran Iran Paramotor School (191)
13191 Carlo Mistrangioli IT-Italy
14598 Roberto Matteo IT-Italy www.parajetitalia.it
14698 Raffaele Benetti IT-Italy www.ozonepoweritalia.com SkySchool Flight Centre (7)
14946 Gennaro Sistenti IT-Italy
14969 Stefano Bolognini IT-Italy Neverland (215)
14971 Danilo Guiducci IT-Italy
14973 Francesco Cannone IT-Italy
15029 Maria Lucia Segneri IT-Italy www.paramotorapi.it Neverland (215)
15032 Angela6 Ciuffoletti IT-Italy
15033 Fabrizio Bedana IT-Italy WWW.VOLOPURO.IT ABSOLUTE FLY (214)
15101 Alberti Giovanni IT-Italy
15188 Riccardo Baretella IT-Italy www.facebook.com/voliamo
15189 Antonio Barlocco IT-Italy www.tonyfly.com ABSOLUTE FLY (214)
15410 Rino Stanglino IT-Italy www.Aeroteam.it
15308 Mark Chick JO-Jordan
12964 Talal Alfoderye KW-Kuwait www.q8xtremehobby.com Kuwait Air Sports Center (199)
12965 Fahad Burhamah KW-Kuwait www.298kat.com Kuwait Air Sports Center (199)
12966 Fahad Al-Yaqoub KW-Kuwait Kuwait Airsports Centre (157)
12968 Ibrahim Alrushoud KW-Kuwait 298kat.com Kuwait Air Sports Center (199)
12969 Nayef Al-Humaidi KW-Kuwait Kuwait Air Sports Center (199)
13024 Ahmed Almas KW-Kuwait Kuwait Air Sports Center (199)
12390 Deenan Essoo MU-Mauritius
16710 Jurg Van Der Vlies NL-Netherland www.skydance.nl
17309 Eric Wierenga NL-Netherland www.paramoteur.nl
17310 Robbin Van Herwaarden NL-Netherland Poweredparagliding.nl
14009 Fernando Simoes PT-Portugal
14010 Miguel Simoes PT-Portugal www.power2fly.com
16748 Antonio Fonseca PT-Portugal PILOT.PT
15573 Julio Vazquez PY-Paraguay CAJU BRASIL (173)
14690 Mohammad Al-Homoud SA-Saudi Arabia PPG Instructor 2017 www.fla.sa Sky school Saudi Arabia (247)
16765 Yousef Abdullah Al Mogiteb SA-Saudi Arabia PPG Instructor 2017
16766 Ghasham Alghsham SA-Saudi Arabia PPG Instructor 2017
16767 Sami Askar Alharbi SA-Saudi Arabia PPG Instructor 2017
16769 Albosaily Abdullah Suliman SA-Saudi Arabia PPG Instructor 2017
16778 Yasir Al Khuraif SA-Saudi Arabia PPG Instructor 2017
16779 Faheed Al Harbi SA-Saudi Arabia PPG Instructor 2017
16780 Haykal Alrwaili SA-Saudi Arabia PPG Instructor 2017
16781 Rsheed Alharbi SA-Saudi Arabia PPG Instructor 2017
16782 Hussain Ghazi SA-Saudi Arabia PPG Instructor 2017
16783 Abdulkarim Alfriedee SA-Saudi Arabia PPG Instructor 2017
16784 Abdulmohsen Alkahtani SA-Saudi Arabia PPG Instructor 2017
11448 Igor Drozina SI-Slovenia
14955 Enrico De Padova SM-San Marino
14687 Mark Silverberg TH-Thailand www.skyclubasia.com
10756 Erdogan SANSLI TR-Turkey www.istanbulparamotor.com Istanbul Paramotor & Paragliding (39)
11924 Abolfazl Khodayari TR-Turkey www.tehranpara.com
12178 Zebur Mercan TR-Turkey SkySchool Flight Centre (7)
15722 Mark Silverburg US-United States
12126 Julien Mouraud VN-Vietnam
13067 Ronnie Beukes ZA-South Africa www.skywalk.co.za Skywalk School of Paragliding & PPG (192)