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PPG Performance Pilot 6 Day Course

An APPI PPG Performance Pilot is an independent pilot who has developed their skills beyond a basic level and has the experience of flying and analyzing all different weather conditions and flying sites. An APPI PPG Performance Pilot course last 6 days and the qualification allows the pilot to continue their APPI PPG Education in order to improve their performance skills and knowledge.

Prerequisites/ Course contents/ Obligation

To enroll in an APPI PPG Performance Pilot course, an individual must:

  1. Be certified as an APPI PPG Pilot or have a similar certification from another training organization.
  2. Have a minimum age of 16 years old.
  3. Respect APPI Safety Rules and Quality Standards.
  4. Agree to complete the APPI PPG Performance Pilot Theoretical course and exam.
  5. Agree to sit a minimum 6 Day course with a certified instructor consisting of the following training syllabus.

Course Theory

  1. Reflex Wing Systems
  2. Performance Flight Planning and Navigation
  3. Group Management and Organisation
  4. Performance Meteorology
  5. Performance Level Exam

Take Off and Landing

  1. Demonstrate powered forward launch take off followed by low level flight and foot drag after instruction.
  2. Demonstrate swoop landings after instruction.
  3. Demonstrate engine off spot landings from 500ft after instruction.
  4. Demonstrate touch and go landings after instruction.

In Flight

  1. Demonstrate the ability to fly in formation with other pilots after instruction.
  2. Demonstrate the ability and knowledge to use a reflex glider correctly and safely after instruction.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to fly low and slow after instruction.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to plan and navigate a 50km Cross Country flight after instruction.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to organize a group of no more than 5 pilots to ensure safe and legal flying.

General Course Requirements

  1. Pilot uses good judgment and has a level of maturity appropriate with the rating.
  2. Pilot is familiar with the canopy and paramotor manuals and can maintain their engine.
  3. Pilot completes all theory training and passes the APPI PERFORMANCE PPG Pilot Exam.
  4. Pilot logs at least 20 solo flights under the supervision of an APPI Instructor.

Training and Certification

APPI PPG Performance Instructors can validate APPI PPG Performance Pilots. APPI PPG Performance Pilot candidates must satisfactorily complete all course performance requirements. To apply for certification, the certifying APPI PPG Performance Instructor must submit a completed, signed Performance Pilot Application to the APPI website, along with the required photo, application fee and other qualifying certification documentation (if applicable). Upon approval of the application, APPI will issue an APPI PPG Performance Pilot Certification Card. To maintain this rating a minimum of 20 hours or 40 flights per year are required. Failing to comply with this will result in reverting back to the APPI PPG Pilot qualification and the requirement to complete a proficiency test with a qualified APPI PPG Performance Instructor


To renew annually, the pilot submits online a payment of membership dues. Automatically APPI’s Certification Card starts validation and membership is activated.

Download documents:

a. APPI Response Awareness

b. APPI Logbook

c. APPI PPG Performance Pilot Progression Form

d. APPI PPG Performance Pilot Exam