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Rescue Packer

Rescue Packing Provider are Advanced Pilots or Instructors with higher rating, who have completed the Specialty Rescue Packing Course and are able to recognize, control, pack and install all different models of rescue and in any paragliding harness, following APPI Security International Rules.
Advanced Pilots can pack only their own rescues, while instructors can pack the rescues from anyone.

Prerequisites/ Course contents/ Obligation

To be certified as a Rescue Packing Specialist, an individual must :

  1. Be a certified Advanced Pilot, or with another paragliding training organization.
  2. Complete a 2 days Practical and Theoretical Course and have a minimum 10 packing and installations with an APPI Instructor Examiner.

Training and Certification

Upon completion of the Specialty Instructor Training, the pilot submits to the appropriate APPI office a completed application validated by the APPI Instructor who conducted the training, along with a photo and application fee. Upon approval of the application, APPI will issue a Rescue Packing Specialty certification card.


Rescue Packing Specialist ratings do not require separate renewal – they are renewed when the member renew their membership annually.

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