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Beware: Only schools whose manager has paid his annual membership fee, are shown below.

APPI flight schools and flight centers:

Aeroclub Albania (86)
Rr. FRANSUA PUKVIL Nd.28, H.19, Njesia bashkiake Nr.1,, 1005 Tirana
Website: www.aeroclubalbania.com
Services: Courses - Tandem flights - Expeditions - Equipment repair
Manager: Roland Dorozhani (10768)
- We have founded the aeroclub school in 2012 as a first paragliding school in Albania. We try to develop in Albania this sport according to international regulations, ethics and both theoretical and practical (...)


1000 vlora
Activities : Paragliding
- is always good weather, easy for take off. not strong thermals, not strong dynamic, flyable for winter time as well.

1000 vlora
Activities : Paragliding
- take off not easy. landing very good and big. the weather condition are change fast same time. nice view.

Dajti mountain., 1000 Tirana
Activities : Paragliding
- not easy take off, short also. good thermals in summer time. possible to fly in winter time also.

Morava - Takeoff
40.610450, 20.813915, 7001 Korçë
Activities : Paragliding
- Flying characteristics: non turbulent, but strong thermals in summer. Suitable for Soaring and great for XC. Suitable for beginners and Tandem flying. Best thermal hours: 12h-15h. Flyable wind direction: NNW to SSW. (...)