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Overseas Pilots

Australia is the birth place of hang gliding. It was in Australia that the first modern hang gliding wings were designed and flown, it was in Australia that the first hang gliding soaring flights were achieved and where the sport of hang gliding received its first official sanction in international competition. The realisation of the dream to fly like a bird is Australian and has been gifted to the world by Australian aviation pioneers.

Australia’s continental climate offers ideal soaring flight opportunity all year round. An average of 600 overseas based pilots visit Australia each year to compete in the Australian competitions or to simply experience the awesome flying conditions this continent has to offer.

Visiting pilots are welcome to Australia but there are a few things the visiting pilot needs to know and abide by while flying in this country. Please read the following advice regarding Australian flight operations.

It is a legal requirement in Australia that you be a member of the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia (HGFA). Membership to the HGFA provides the pilot member with 3rd party liability insurance. Many of our sites are reliant on this cover so it is essential that all pilots carry the local insurance. For the insurance to be in effect the pilot must be a current member of the HGFA prior to flying in Australia - this applies equally to visiting pilots, so please ensure you have organised your HGFA membership before flying (and preferably before arriving in Australia).

Visiting pilots have the option of taking out either a full HGFA membership or Visiting Pilot Membership (VPM). The following VPMs are available:
- 2 months for $49
- 4 months for $69
- 6 months for $89

This form of membership is only renewable once in any 12 month period from the date of the initial application.

Visiting Pilot Membership may be taken out by returning the following two forms:

  1. HGFA Visiting Pilot Membership Form
  2. HGFA Release, Assumption of Risk & Warning Form Please enter name and address, initial each box on the right of each of the pages, provide your signature and that of a witness also. If you are uncertain in regard to signing this form, please read the notes provided and consult your own legal advice. Please note however that membership will not be accepted without this form being completed and accompanying the membership application.
  3. Provide a copy of current flying licenses or certificates
    Payment of membership fee should be made to either the HGFA Office or direct to an issuing officer of the HGFA who is able to provide the VPM forms. Generally these officers are found at a competition or in some instances from a training facility or Club. It is recommended that you make application for this type of membership direct to the HGFA Office at the following address : HGFA Office, 4a/ 60 Keilor Park Drive Keilor Park, Vic 3042, Fax: + 61 3 9336 7177, Ph: + 61 3 9336 7155

Information on the rules related to flying in Australia are provided in brief on taking up membership. These include the Civil Aviation Orders and Civil Aviation Regulations, specifically : CAO 95.8 - Covers Hang Gliders and Paragliders

The use of some Radio Frequencies (VHF for example) which is not in the UHF (CB Citizen Band) Range is only available for those appropriately licensed in Australia for its specific use. The Hand Held 40 channel UHF (CB) in the range (476.425 – 477.400 MHz) is the predominantly used radio device for free flight in Australia. These radios are available through any number of dealers and commercial centres Australia wide. Channels 1 though 8 and 31 through 38 are for the use of repeater stations; their use is not recommended, except in a limited capacity, as a back up for pilots on the ground where communication difficulties are found. Further information from http://www.acbro.org/index.htm

More information on Contacts, Clubs, Flying, Competitions and some flying sites is available through the HGFA Web Site www.hgfa.asn.au. We do ask that you contact appropriate local persons and also adhere to local conditions and rules at all of the sites you visit. Many sites now require Local Club membership and payment of site fees prior to flying. These fees are a result of Clubs having to lease the lands off the local councils or in some cases where the Club has made a purchase of the land for use of flying enthusiasts. We ask that you willingly support and adhere to all the local requirements so that we can achieve continued sustainability of our activities long into the future. I trust that as a visiting pilot to our country you will respect our regulations local site rules and that you will enjoy your stay, taking full advantage of the great flying conditions available in Australia. If there is anything that the HGFA can do to assist your visit then please feel free to email, phone or approach myself, the Head Office or any of the members listed on this site. We will attempt to provide you all necessary information and contacts to ensure your stay is memorable and rewarding. See you in the Australian skies.

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