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Colombia - South America

See the fedeaereos.
To fly in colombia, you must be a member of a club and have a valid license from the Colombian federation.
For pilots in transit, the federation issued a temporary license.

Beware: Only schools whose manager has paid his annual membership fee, are shown below.

APPI flight schools and flight centers:

club vuelo libre nube extrema jerico (104)
Puerto Arturo, Jérico Antioquia
Website: paraglidingjerico.com
Services: Courses - Tandem flights - Expeditions - Equipment rental -
Manager: Juan Carlos Rios Pulgarin (11289)
- A beautiful place with a great view of the city

Paraglidingmedellin.com (83)
Via San Pedro Km 16 Restaurante el VOLADERO, 100 m antes peaje san felix, 074 Medellin
Website: www.paraglidingmedellin.com
Services: Courses - Tandem flights - Expeditions - Equipment rental - Equipment repair
Manager: Ruben Dario Montoya Vargas (11336)
- Colombia's Pioneer paragliding school, since 1993. 720 graduates Pilots in COL. PARAFLIGHT Costa Rica pioneer school from 2000 to 2004. 57 Pilots graduates. Now i'm offering all inclusive paragliding lesson, fun trips for (...)

Voladero Jardin (146)
472 Jardin Antioquia
Website: www.parapentejardin.wix.com/parapente
Services: Courses - Tandem flights - Expeditions -
Manager: Edison Rodriguez Sanchez (12085)
- voladero.con exelentes condiciones de vuelo avierto todo el año,trasporte hasta el sitio de vuelo con posibilidad de toplanding, altitud 2290 m

GTOPIK (288)
Ubicados a 5 minutos de la autopista Bogotá Tunja en Ventaquemada Boyacá a 70 minutos de Bogotá, 153640 Ventaquemada
Website: gtopik.com
Services: Courses - Tandem flights - Expeditions - Equipment repair
Manager: Edison Arley Valencia Cano (14157)
- GTOPIK seeks to be identified as a leader in providing Paragliding Learning and Practice Facility, discovering and creating ideal sites for paragliding, which serves as Entertainment, Education, Skill and (...)

Services: Courses - Tandem flights -
Manager: Juan David GRAJALES FLOREZ (16228)

Ente Andes Adventures (317)
carrera 43 B # 16 - 41. 050021, Colombia, 050021 Medellin
Website: www.entreandes.co
Services: Courses - Tandem flights - Expeditions - Equipment repair
Manager: Isabel Bernal (16447)
- We are a team of paragliding instructors who are dedicated to conducting initiation and progression courses safely, and more than that, to making your course a unique experience that gives wings to your life and your soul. We (...)

Escuela de Parapente Cóndores de Chipre (297)
Calle 7 # 7-75 Barrio Chipre, Manizales (Caldas) Colombia
Website: www.parapentemanizales.com
Services: Courses - Tandem flights - Expeditions -
Manager: Julian Eduardo Cardona Ramirez (16449)
- Zona de vuelo, térmico dinámico.

paraworld.co (315)
Cra. 48B#10sur-56, 050001 Medellín
Website: paraworld.co
Services: Courses - Tandem flights - Expeditions -
Manager: Florian Neuenschwander (20662)
- We are a paragliding school and agency that works under the Swiss teaching model. Our passion is to discover Colombia from above, with the security, responsibility and fun necessary to make the learning experience (...)

Atlas zones:

Colombia Paragliding Fly-site Hostel & School
- A great site for pilots of all levels. Thermals in the morning and ridge-soaring in the afternoon. Fly-school and tour packages. There aren't many places in the world that you can launch, land, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat (...)


Roldanillo - Los Tanques
Cra. 9 # 8-65, 761550 Roldanillo
Activities : Paragliding
- The launch "Roldanillo - Los Tanques" is internationally recognized as it is the official competition take off of the PWC (Paragliding World Cup). The launch is very popular as it is easy to take off and massive thermals (...)

Roldanillo - El Pico
Cra. 9 # 8-65, 761550 Roldanillo
Activities : Paragliding
- The launch "Roldanillo - El Pico" is a take off used mainly by local pilots. The launch is close to Roldanillo almost everyday pilots fly from here. You launch directly into the (...)

Voladero Las Aguilas
KM 2 Via Ruitoque, Floridablanca
Activities : Paragliding Paramotor
- A beautiful flysite located on a Mesa. Conditions are consistent and predictable. Best time of year Dec-Feb and Jun-Aug, However, there are only 5-10 days per year that we cannot put a glider in the air. This place is great (...)

GTOPIK San Felix
Carretera Medellin San Pedro 82 a 90 Estadero el Voladero segundo piso, oficina de GTOPIK, 050036 Medellín
Activities : Paragliding
- The best flight site in the world where you can fly 360 days a year with all possible climatic variables smooth and stable or strong and turbulent, a perfect place to cross country to San Jeronimo, Sopetran, Santa Fe de (...)

Ventaquemada Boyacá
llegar a Ventaquemada Boyacá a 70 minutos de Bogotá Cundinamarca, buscar la salida del hospital hacia la escuela rural el hato continua 600 metros para llegar al sitio de vuelo., 153640 Ventaquemada
Activities : Paragliding Paramotor
- Condiciones perfectas para volar en Parapente todos los días del año de 8AM a 5PM condiciones térmicas y dinámicas, lugar apto para todos los niveles de aprendizaje poco tráfico aéreo, pista de despegue grande 4000 metros (...)