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Czech Republic - Europe

How to fly microlight in Czech Republic ?

Sport Flying devices - SFD are divided in following categories :

  1. Paragliders – PK
  2. Hanggliders – ZK
  3. UL aerodynamically controlled aeroplanes ULLa
  4. CG shift controlled aeroplanes – ULLt
  5. Powered paragliders – MPK
  6. Ul helicopters – ULH
  7. Powered UL autogyros – ULW

The operations of foreign SFDs (micrlolights, ultralights, ecolights, etc.) must comply with the provisions of 1.2.6 AIP CR

Arrival, transit and departure must comply with provisions of 1.2.1 AIP CR

Domestic operations of SFDs within ADIZ must comply with provisions of AIP CR

During any operational flight over the CR territory pilots must respect airspace limitations, published in aeronautical maps, the airspace division, AIP, NOTAM, AUP and similar documents.
- Airspace - vertical classification
- Aeronautical chart 1:1 400 000 - Lower Airspace
- Airspace Use Plan (AUP)
- webriefing (only czech version)

General Provisions
Resulting from the law No. 49/1997 of the Coll. (Civil Aviation Law) in actual wording:
- Sport Flying Device may be flown by

  1. the pilot, holder of the valid Pilot Licence with the adequate qualification, or
  2. the pilot - student on conditions established by the training programme

- Just before the flight, during the flight and just after finishing the flight the pilot or pilot - student must be able to submit folowing valid documents :

  1. the identity document,
  2. the Pilot Licence or the Student - pilot document,
  3. the Airworthiness Certificate of the SFD
  4. the Third party liability Insurance certificate

- During the SFD operation the pilot or –student-pilot must observe instructions of the Inspector for Operations, Technical inspector or other persons, authorized to execute state supervision according to this Law.

- The medical ability examination ICAO Class II is required for flying with ULLa, ULLt, ULH and ULW

- The valid Third party liability Insurance according to the provisions of the EP and the EC No. 785/2004 of 21. April 2004 must be arranged for ULLa, ULH and ULW categories of SFD.

PK, ZK,ULLt and MPK categories of SFD must posses Third party liability Insurance according to the maximum take-off mass (MTOW).

Min. Assurance limit MTOW
100 000 CZK (cca 3500 EUR) up to 150 kg
500 000 CZK (cca 15 000 EUR) up to 300 kg
1 000 000 CZK (cca 30 000 EUR) up to 450 kg

- Pilot of SFD is reponsible for choosing the route and altitude that would allow safe emergency landing in case of the engine failure of powered SFD or unexpectable loss of altitude with the unpowered SFD.
- For take-offs and landings of SFD in regular operations may be utilized:

  1. airfields on condition that the Aeronautical Information Publication determines the acceptance of the operation of specific category of SFD on this airfield, or with consent with AFIS or the airfield operator,
  2. fields, permanently utilized for take-offs and landings of aircraft and determined for this purpose in the local land register / plan documentation or land register decision, with cosnsent of the field apretor or owner and the appropriate municipal authority.

- For occasional take -offs and landings of the powered SFDs and regular or occasional operation of non-powered SFDs any other fields / areas may be utilized on condition, that the owner agrees with this utilization and following conditions are met:

  1. the area is outside the inhabited area of the locality, in minimum distance 100 m from the housing and during the operation persons, not taking part at the operation, should not be closer than 50 m from the SFD,
  2. the area is outside the territory of the national park, protected landscape area, natural reserve, natural monument, except the appropriate body of care of natural regions / monuments has agreed with utilizing the area for this purpose, and
  3. the area is situated outside the zone of hygienic protection of water resources and natural water accumulation areas, except the appropriate waters management authority has agreed with this utilization.

- The supervision of the projection, building, manufacture, repairs and maintenance of SFD and related products, parts and appliances and the supervision of the activity of operators, pilots and other involved persons is carried out by the authorized Inspector of Operations and/or the Technical Inspector.
(1) The Inspector of Operations and the Technical Inspector are authorized in the scope of the supervision of the Sport Flying Devices:

  1. to require submision of the appropriate documents prescribed for the SFD operation,
  2. to withhold Technical Certificate of the SFD in case of discovering the fault, negatively affecting the Airworthiness of this SFD, until this fault is removed,
  3. to prohibit the flight in case, that the flight operation safety, life, health or the property of persons, environment or other legally protected interest is endangered,
  4. to withhold the Pilot licence, or other licence which proves the special qualification and order the professional verification of the qualification or medical examination of the licence holder in case, that during his activities in SFD operations endangering of the safety of flight operations appeared,
  5. to withdraw the Pilot licence of the person, that endangered safety of flight operations, infringed the Flight operation rules or the rules of the SFD operation. The licence shall be transferred without undue delay to the authorized person to carry out appropriate measures.

(2) The Technical Inspector is, in the scope of the supervision of the projection, manufacture and repairs of the SFD and further associate products, parts and appliances, also authorized :

  1. to require submission of all documents concerning the projection and manufacture of the SFD and related products, parts and appliances, namely all calculations, design and manufacture documents and the Building Diary,
  2. to enter the facilities, where the SFD and associate products, parts and appliances are built or manufactured, to check the used machines, tools and instruments, materials and connecting parts,
  3. in case of discovered faults in projection require or order to carry out appropriate strenght / stress or other tests and in case of serial manufacture hold up the operation of the formerly manufactured fleet of SFD, if necessary. He is authorized to require or order design modifications or the expert analyzis.

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