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German Flying Rules :

The DHV, the German Paragliding and Hanggliding Federation, would like to welcome all foreign pilots in Germany.

See: https://www.dhv.de/en/training/validity-of-foreign-licences.

In Germany there are more than 800 flying sites for paragliding and hanggliding. Details may be found in the flying-site database here : http://www.dhv.de/typo/Flying_Sites.1402.0.html

Before flying at a new site, please contact the local club. The club-database may be found here: http://www.dhv.de/typo/Clubs.95.0.html

Would you like to fly under the supervision of an instructor? The school-database may be found here : http://www.dhv.de/typo/Training.22.0.html

  1. Licenses : An IPPI-Card is mandatory for all foreign pilots. Minimum ratings are stage 4 for unsupervised flying and stage 5 for cross-country flights. With lower stages, flying is allowed under the supervision of a German instructor. Tandem-flights may be only made by pilots in possession of a valid German or Austrian Tandem-License. For flights involving winch-towing, foreign pilots are required to attend a briefing in a German paragliding/hanggliding school.
  2. Insurance : Personal liability insurance is mandatory, insurance coverage must be at least 1.5 million Euro
  3. Equipment Regulations : In Germany, all pilots must carry a rescue-parachute. Guest pilots are permitted to fly equipment satisfying the current airworthiness requirements and regulations of their homeland.

General Rules

  1. Motor driven aircraft must always give way to paragliders and hanggliders. Paragliders and hanggliders must always give way to balloons.
  2. Between sailplanes, paragliders and hanggliders the following rules apply for collisions avoidance:

When flying on a head on collision course in the free air space : Both pilots should give way to the right

When flying on a collision course near a slope : The pilot who has the slope on the left must give way to the right.

If two aircraft are approaching each other on a converging course : The pilot coming from the left must give way. Always overtake on the right

The first pilot to enter a thermal, determines the direction of rotation : All other pilots joining later must circle in the same direction.

In Germany a controlled approach and landing circuit is mandatory (as on airfields) for paragliders and hanggliders. It consists of a circuit with the wind, transverse to the wind and a final approach against the wind.

Please inform yourself of local site rules and landing circuit directions before take off. At most flying sites you may find such information at the launch, landing-field or at the cable car station.

We wish you many pleasant flights in Germany and elsewhere in the world.

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