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Denmark - Europe

The Danish Association for Hang gliding & Paragliding.

Today the DHPU oversees pilot and instruction training standards and is approved by The Danish Civil Aviation Administration to be the sole authority for issuing rating cards and certificates for Danish hang glider and paraglider pilots.

Furthermore the DHPU provides the infrastructure on which Danish hang gliding and paragliding clubs thrive.

If you as a foreigner wish to fly in Denmark we welcome you to our beautiful countryside and invite you to fly on the many coastal flying sites or one of the four towing fields.

Due to strict legislation and the fact that specific rules apply to many of the coastal flying sites we cannot allow foreigners direct access to the DHPU database of Danish flying sites.

Relevant documents :
Please read the document “Regulations on hanggliders and paragliders” issued by The Danish Civil Aviation Administration.

The Danish training standards are based on the SafePro / ParaPro training standards approved by the FAI Hang Gliding & Paragliding Commision (CIVL). Please read the latest revisions of the “SafePro rev. 2005 (Hanggliding)” and “ParaPro rev. 2008 (Paragliding)” safety & training documents.

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