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APPI is recognized by Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, and paragliding pilots licensed by APPI can fly to Nepal.
CAAN used the APPI Education system for Paragliding.

See forecast for Nepal.

To fly in Nepal, you need:
- a Flying Permit provided by Civil aviation, 15 days for 5000 Rs, 1 month for 10000 Rs (plus 13% VAT),
- Insurance,
- Paragliding license (APPI license accepted).

Beware: Only schools whose manager has paid his annual membership fee, are shown below.

APPI flight schools and flight centers:

Blue Sky Paragliding (21)
Lakeside, Kahare, Baidam 6, 33700 Pokhara
Website: www.paragliding-nepal.com
Services: Courses - Tandem flights - Expeditions - Equipment rental -
Manager: David Arrufat (10002)
- Blue Sky Paragliding Ltd. was born in 2001 We try our best. The friendship of Narayang Parajulie, one of the first Nepali pilot, and David Arrufat, a swiss pilot famous for its accro level (discovers the Rhythmic SAT in 2002) (...)

The Babu Adventures International School NEP (123)
Babu Adventure School, City office, Nareshowr, Lakeside - 6 PO Box: 17 Tel: 061 464192, 33800 Pokhara
Website: www.babuadventure.com
Services: Courses - Tandem flights - Expeditions - Equipment rental - Equipment repair
Manager: Sano Babu Sunuwar (10062)
- BABU ADVENTURE HQ is the perfect destination for pilots who are looking to improve (thermalling, cross country) their flying skills in the himalayas and offers experienced pilots a base to explore new flying areas in the (...)

Atlas zones:




61 Pokhara
Activities : Paragliding
- The main flying site in Nepal. A 20 minute ride from Pokhara. A prepared takeoff allows pilots to fly directly in front of the Annapurnas. It is the departure point of many cross country flights. West - Along the lake (...)

Bandipur, 61 Pokhara
Activities : Paragliding
- Expedition in nice Newar Village. Nice and typical Hotel. One of the best quiet flying site in Nepal.For all level Pilot. A newly discovered beautiful site facing the Marshyandi valley.Thermic and ridge (...)

Sirkot, 61 Pokhara
Activities : Paragliding
- To the South of Pokhara 2 hours moain road and 1hour of dirt road takes you to a great starting place for a big cross country flight. 1st day. Depart early in the morning to arrive in time for an aclimitisation flight in the (...)

Galem, Baglung
Activities : Paragliding
- Facing Nuwakot,an excellent place for big cross country in the direction of Panchasey 2509 m. Starting point for the Kali Gandaki valley, Baglung or Beni or simply to fly back to (...)

Activities : Paragliding
- 5 day trip in a beautiful old town in the South of Nepal.Tansen is an excellent flying site facing a big plain. Landing place at the main square or down in the plain.Good quality hotels in the main square offer a comfortable (...)

Dhiki Danda
61 Pokhara
Activities : Paragliding
- Small soaring site which we prefer to fly by going over the back of Sarangkot. It is on the route for many cross country flights to the North at the foot of the Annapurna.

61 Pokhara
Activities : Paragliding
- A good walk a high climb to the peak south of Machhapuchre (6993 m) Korchon (3682 m) Just above the clouds we fly in the second inversion with cloud base between 6000 and 8000 m you can try to approach the Annapurna or glide (...)