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Uçmakdere photo

Welcome to Uçmakdere (43) flight site

Place: Uçmakdere / Tekirdağ / Turkey, 59030 Tekirdağ

Country: Turkey

Activities: Paragliding, Paramotor

Level of difficulty : Medium.

Description: The flight site is 600 m above sea level. It has a view and flying direction over the Marmara Sea. The take-off site is covered with natural grass and is available for about 40 take-offs at the same time. Landing is being done to the coast of the Marmara Sea which is known as Ayvasil. One of the nearest villages to the area is Yeniköy where Tekirdag Paragliding Club (TEYAK) is located, and the other village is Ucmakdere. In Yeniköy, the social facilities of TEYAK enable paragliders as well as tourists to have accommodation, free internet access and also traditional meals, organic breakfast, and barbeque, etc.

Take-off: 40°48′45"N, 27°22′27"E, altitude 600 meters, GR 1704 (see in google map).
Covered with natural grass, No natural or artificial obstacles hindering flight.

Landing: 40°48′18"N, 27°23′28"E, altitude 2 meters (see in google map).
At the seaside, No obstacles hindering landing.

Weather and wind at this place: In this flying site you can fly during four seasons. The wind directions suitable for paragliding here are NE, E, SE, S, SW, and W. In wind speed over 15km/h, and S or SE directions, it is possible for soaring flights.

Going there: The detailed route to the flight site can be found at this link: http://www.teyak.com/iletisim.asp

Special flying rules at this place: None

Usually practicable from may until may.

Number of accidents occurred: 0.

Flightsite created on 19 June 2012 by Sanlı Fidan (11330) , and modified on 29 April 2013 by Adnan Coşkun GÜCENMEZ (11552).