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Voladero Las Aguilas
Voladero Las Aguilas photo

Welcome to Voladero Las Aguilas (44) flight site

Place: KM 2 Via Ruitoque, Floridablanca

Country: Colombia

Activities: Paragliding, Paramotor

Level of difficulty : Easy.

Description: A beautiful flysite located on a Mesa. Conditions are consistent and predictable. Best time of year Dec-Feb and Jun-Aug, However, there are only 5-10 days per year that we cannot put a glider in the air. This place is great for students and expert pilots.

Landing is 250 Meters vertical, 1,200 Meters distant from take off at a 5:1 glide ratio.

Take-off: 7°2′35"N, 73°5′28"W, altitude 1200 meters, GR 5 (see in google map).
Large area, putting green short grass, flat slope with an inclined launch near the edge of the mesa. Featuring Cafeteria, hostel and tandem flights.

Landing: 7°2′59"N, 73°5′57"W, altitude 950 meters (see in google map).
100 Meters long and 30 Meters wide pasture with medium tall grass.

Weather and wind at this place: Consitant conditions from day to day. You can time it by the clock. Thermals from 9-12 and ridge soaring from 3-6. Weather is mostly sunny with brief rain storms. Do not trust the weather forecast as it predicts rain every day for Bucaramanga. Not true, we fly at least 350 days per year.

Going there: From the Bucaramanga Airport or from Bucaramanga: Take the highway to Bogota south to Floridablanca. There will be a large sign on the highway that says "Ruitoque" with a picture of a Paraglider. Take the next right at the "Tiger Market" Gas station. Proceed 1 km up to a fork in the road that has many signs. Take a left up the steep Mesa road (paved). 2 more kilometers and you are there. Cant miss it, top of the mesa big sign that says PARAPENTE. Voladero Las Aguilas.

Special flying rules at this place: Mandatory items: 2 meter Radio, Certified Paragliding Helmet, and Reserve Parachute. We have a colored flag system for flying beginners - advanced level pilots. Tandems have the right of way on the ridge and top landings.

Usually practicable from january until december.

Number of accidents occurred: 5.

Flightsite created on 29 June 2012 by Russell Agnew (11299) , and modified on 30 June 2012 by Russell Agnew (11299).