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SkySchool UK
SkySchool UK photo

Welcome to SkySchool UK (53) flight site

Place: SkySchool UK Mere, BA12 6BT Wiltshire

Country: United Kingdom

Activities: Paragliding, Paramotor

Level of difficulty : Beginners.

Description: SkySchool UK is where we run our UK beginner Paramotoring and Paragliding courses. We are based on a private farm with big open fields and rolling hills making it the ideal training location. For further information on using this site please visit www.skyschooluk.com or contact info@skyschooluk.com

Take-off: 0°0′0"N, 0°0′0"E, altitude 0 meters, GR 0 (see in google map).
Very large and unobstructed

Landing: 0°0′0"N, 0°0′0"E, altitude 0 meters (see in google map).
Very large and unobstructed

Weather and wind at this place: UK weather so variable

Going there: Contact info@skyschooluk.com for directions

Special flying rules at this place: Only available for visiting pilots when SkySchool UK are operating. Pilots must be briefed about the local flying restrictions, rules and regulations prior to flying.

Usually practicable from may until september.

Number of accidents occurred: 0.

Flightsite created on 10 December 2012 by Alex Ledger (10133) , and modified on 10 December 2012 by Alex Ledger (10133).