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AeroTeam Novara - Paramotor centre
AeroTeam Novara - Paramotor centre photo

Welcome to AeroTeam Novara - Paramotor centre (94) flight site

Place: Via del Cimitero, 28100 Casalgiate

Country: Italy

Activities: Paramotor, ParaTrike

Level of difficulty : Easy.

Description: Founded in ’94, as a RC model center with asphalt runaway, in 2008 has started as a paramotor For any question contact:
Mo+39 366 9302103 or +39 335 7461597
Email: info@aeroteam.it

Take-off: 45°26′9"N, 8°34′33"E, altitude 0 meters, GR 0 (see in google map).
Flat land and low grass, many windsocks help to check the wind direction. 23.000 square meters, with services for guests.

Landing: 45°26′9"N, 8°34′33"E, altitude 0 meters (see in google map).

Weather and wind at this place: Usually low wind condition and low thermal activity, turbolence from the different kind of surfaces could be find close to the ground in the beginning of thermal activity, especially during spring and summer..

Going there: Really close to the Novara city center, move to Casalgiate, where you will find indications to the Airfield

Usually practicable from january until december.

Number of accidents occurred: 0.

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