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Balsha air field
Balsha  air field photo

Welcome to Balsha air field (99) flight site

Place: Banishora 15D str., 1217 Balsha village

Country: Bulgaria

Activities: Paramotor, ParaTrike

Level of difficulty : Easy.

Description: Very nice rectangular 50x70 m. grass air field. Clear take off and landing approaches. Only on 170 deg. take off we have two big trees.The field has small tilt from N to S. So our recommendation TO directions to be from E to W true S. Landing too. This place is situated only 30 min. form center of Sofia. No taxes. Working every day. Call to us for actual meteo information.

Take-off: 42°51′2"N, 23°16′36"E, altitude 690 meters, GR 0 (see in google map).
Very easy TO for directions from E to W true S. Just watch out for two big trees situated on 150 degrees.
For directions from W to E true N are against the tilt and require more trust.

Landing: 42°51′2"N, 23°16′36"E, altitude 690 meters (see in google map).
Landing is easy. Usually no turbulence for winds till 3 m/s.
Only 240 deg. landing is forbidden because of two big trees.

Weather and wind at this place: All winds are good for this field. Just note that TO directions from W to E true N are against the tilt and require more trust.

Going there: Call us.

Special flying rules at this place: Nothing special just fly according VFR.

Usually practicable from january until december.

Number of accidents occurred: 0.

Flightsite created on 6 February 2017 by Tzvetan Tzolov (12021) .