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The Babu Adventures International School NEP
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Paragliding Two stars school Flight school, The Babu Adventures International School NEP (123)

Country : Nepal

Website :

Manager : Sano Babu Sunuwar (10062)

Address : Babu Adventure School, City office, Nareshowr, Lakeside - 6 PO Box: 17 Tel: 061 464192, 33800 Pokhara

Email address :

Phone number : +977 61466827

Mobile number : +977 9856057339

Registered on: 02 Jan 2013

Services Qualifications Instructors Assistants tandem pilots

Other services :
Beginner courses,Thermalling courses ,Cross-country,Tandem courses, high altitude flying cours ,flight check and refresh.etc.....

Description: BABU ADVENTURE HQ is the perfect destination for pilots who are looking to improve (thermalling, cross country) their flying skills in the himalayas and offers experienced pilots a base to explore new flying areas in the heart of Nepal. From Sirkot there is an amazing 360° view that includes 3 8000+ meter peaks and a panoramic view of the himalayas and surrounding foothills and valleys. It provides the perfect view point to watch the sunrise or set over the mountains and surrounding villages.

GPS coordinates : 28°1′16"E, 83°44′43"N (see in google map)

Main school flight site : Sirkot

Open from : january until december

School events: