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Paragliding school Flumen (Escuela de Vuelo)
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Paragliding Five stars school Flight school , Paragliding school Flumen (Escuela de Vuelo) (209)

Country : Mexico

Website :

Manager : Marko Hrgetic (14372)

Address : Valle de Bravo, 03740 Mexico City

Email address :

Phone number : +52 15551672966

Mobile number : +52 15551672966

Registered on: 15 Dec 2015

Services Qualifications Instructors Assistants tandem pilots

Other services :
Equipment sales. Equipment maintenance. Local transport.

Description: Learn to paraglide in Valle de Bravo!

Paragliding courses from OpenSky to Instructor.
Evolution and continuity GUARANTEED.
XC courses in Valle de Bravo.
SIV Courses in Yelapa. ESP version.

Why us:

GPS coordinates : 99°10′56"W, 19°22′36"N (see in google map)

Main school flight site : El Penon, Valle de Bravo

Open from : january until december