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Country : France

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Manager : Olivier Cotasson (16360)

Address : 56 rue jean pain, 38600 Fontaine

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Phone number : +33682614176

Mobile number : +33682614176

Registered on: 26 Oct 2017

Services tandem pilots

Description: Whether you like to live the experience of a lifetime by flying in tandem, learn how to fly, brush up your paragliding skills with a certified FFVL and APPI instructor, or being toured around the French Alps (North and South), give me a call / drop me a line !
The sky is the limit.

In the winter time, I am in Mexico.

Flying still 2001. Instructor since 2014. Based in the heart of the Northern Alps, 30 mn away from Saint Hilaire (Iconic flying site where the "Coupe Icare" takes place), a XC flight away from Annecy...and many other flying spots you would have never experienced otherwise.

Hablo español tambien !
Et français bien sûr !

GPS coordinates : 5°41′18"E, 45°11′52"N (see in google map)

Open from : april until october