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Hongkong Hike 'N' Fly
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Paragliding one star Flight center, Hongkong Hike 'N' Fly (310)

Country : Hongkong

Website :

Manager : Emil Kaminski (12888)

Address : 06240 Beausoleil

Email address :

Registered on: 24 Jun 2020

Services tandem pilots

Other services :
Totally dedicated to safety and customer satisfaction, Hongkong Hike N Fly is a premium paragliding experience in Hongkong. Flying in the care of a superbly experienced team, you will enjoy a wonderful day out in the mountains of Hongkong, fly between the clouds, and then gently touch down on the beach! Book now!

Description: Tandem paragliding flights above Dragon’s Back (Shek O), Ma On Shan (Saikung) and Sunset Peak (Lantau)
WhatsApp +852 6153 1430 (text only)

GPS coordinates : 113°57′3"E, 22°14′40"N (see in google map)

Open from : january until december