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Manchester Paragiders
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Paramotor Two stars school Flight school, Manchester Paragiders (115)

Country : United Kingdom

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Manager : Paul Kilburn (11725)

Address : School: Morleys Lane, Lower Green, Astley,, M29 7jb Greater Manchester

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Phone number : +0044 61 747 5887

Mobile number : +44 785 99 22 868

Registered on: 17 Nov 2012

Services Qualifications Instructors Assistants Tandems
  • Courses
  • Tandem flights
  • Expeditions
  • Equipment rental
  • Equipment repair

Other services :
Fully insured APPI PPG School

Description: At present we are the only dedicated Paramotor school within the North west of England, We have been training here at the Astley site since 2004. Prior to Manchester Paragliders Paul was Just Having fun flying paragliding sites all over the Uk. Enjoying the freedom of the skies.

GPS coordinates : 2°27′42"W, 53°29′20"N (see in google map)

Open from : january until december