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APPI PPG Membership

The Membership Fee for one year is only €27. Registration is free. Once you complete the payment your Membership will be activated and your APPI PPG Card will be sent to your address.

All payments are made PayPal, Bank Transfer or Credit Card.

- Registration: FREE
- Annual Pilot Membership Fee : 27 € *
- Annual Tandem Pilot Membership Fee : 27 € *
- Annual Assistant Instructor and Instructor Membership Fee : 27 € *
- Annual Master Instructor Membership Fee : 27 € *
- Annual Schools Membership Fee : FREE
- Certification card : 8 €


  1. All APPI PPG courses and certifications are approved in the highest international standard. More than 20 courses from recreational to professional levels.
  2. Your APPI Certification Card has a PERMANENT VALIDITY, you carry the BEST CREDENTIALS in the world, following what is the most modern and advanced system.
  3. As a modern system, you can login, download documents according to your level, as well as manuals, certificates, progression forms, exams, logbooks and more.
  4. With APPI you join a worldwide community which pilots and instructors from all around the world participate in and exchange information. APPI is already in more than 75 countries and is continuing to grow.
  5. APPI brings security for all members. An evolutionary system, offering travel insurance, and soon Student, Pilot, Instructor and School insurance.


- Secretary
- Your certification card
- Lawyer for international rights and your protection
- Insurance contract
- Training for instructors
- Support of local schools
- Instructors support
- To improve and support APPI PPG’s service and website development.

APPI Bank account :

APPI IBAN: CH69 8057 7000 0013 7132 2
Association of Paragliding pilots and Instructors
Banque Raiffeisen de Nendaz
Cp 9 1996 Basse-Nendaz, Switzerland.
CCP: 19-1232-2 CB: 80577

It is also possible to pay by credit card or by on Paypal. Please contact us for further information.