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Paramotor Two stars school Flight school , Paratrike Two stars school Flight school, Neverland (215)

Country : Italy

Website :

Manager : Stefano Bolognini (14969)

Address : VIA COLLE N. 6 SAN PAOLO DI JESI ANCONA ITALY, 60038 San Paolo di Jesi - An

Email address :

Phone number : +39 3476409020

Mobile number : +39 3381685771

Registered on: 21 Mar 2016

Services Qualifications Instructors Assistants Tandems

Other services :
2 beds,bathroom with shower,breakfast, 15 € per night parking camper with electricity, discharge, water 8 € per night real gps coordinate : 43°28'5.68"N 013°11'9.20"E club house and hangar

Description: West Jesi - An Adriatic See airfield "Neverland" for all microlights.

43°28’5.68"N 13°11’9.20"E

if you want to come on holiday with us, you will find :
Area Van, country House, w.c., room with 2 beds, hangar.

GPS coordinates : 13°11′11"E, 43°28′0"N (see in google map)

Main school flight site : CAMPO VOLO NEVERLAND

Open from : january until december